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keselamatan makanan

TAIKH: 8/11/2010
-dirasmikan oleh menteri kesihatan

Despite my lappy went to da ward, I've to use other opt. ,he..he. First of all, I want to share this to all my beloved friends.

1) Leptoptrosis
       -caused by Leptosira bacteria
       -spreadin' via contaminated water, rodents (i.e rat)
      - carrier: Rat Cat Dog Cow Goat Bird Horse Rodents/mammal
      - antibiotic treatment
      - 10 symptoms: fever, headache, vomit, diarrhea, muscle joint aches, abdominal pain,    jaundice, eye inflammation, cough, skin rash
       -prevention: cleanliness

2) Dengue
  - Aedes mosquito bite
 - egg----3 days---larvae--7 days-----pupa---Aedes (approx. 1 month life span)
  -vector characteristic: black & white stripe legs, active early mornin' & late evenin'
  -7 symptoms: sudden red burst high fever, skin red rashes, acute pain, appetite loss, vomit, stomach ache, bleeding from body nose mouth

3) Boric Acid
   -prohibited in food industry, H3BO3
   - antiseptic, pesticide, weak fungucides
    - insect control, preserve wood, glass industry, medical
    - DEFINITION PRESERVATIVES: subs+food---> lost lastin' from decompose,fermentation, acidification exclude herb, spice, winegar, wood smoke
     - FOOD REGULATION 1985--> 10 preservatives, 2 microbacterial was approved only
     - FOOD ACT 1983-----> subsection 13(1),..., <rm or="" years="" prison="" both="">
     - exp. of boric acid uses: pasta type (yellow noodle, laksa, bee hoon.....)
     - 7 side effect: nausea, vomit, diarrhea, dematitis, kidney abnormality, acute dysfunction of blood circulation, death:)
      - crude test: use turmeric water but inaccurate, MUST use lab test

4) Acrylamide
 - for water treatment, glue, paper, cosmetic, dam/tunnel
 - may posses threat of cancer, nervous system, reproductive system ( animal, humans?)
 - natural born on cooked or fried food ( french fries, bread, bread products, kerepek pisang)
 - 120 degrees celcius, haven't found yet da signs.
 - poses risks although in low concentration
 -max. level in water: 0.5 microgram per litter
 - still in toxilogy research

5) Panel Maklumat Makanan
 -wajib label tenaga, karbohidrat, protein, lemak
-pilih rendah lemah, gula, garam, banyak vitamin, mineral, fiber

6) Gelatin
 -derived protein by partial hydrolysis of collagen (skin, bones hides, connective tissues)
 - absence of essential amino acid due to lack of trytophan
traslucent, colorless, odorless, brittle, tasteless (solid form), powdery/granule forms
 - 2 ways of production: type A (acid process)-->pork skin derivation
                                    type B (alkaline process)---> cattle/calf skin derivation by  dimineralized cattle bones

 - vegetable substitution origin : agar, pectin, carrageenan (red seaweed), xanthan gum (bacteria) modified corn starch, cellulose gum
 - usage: food industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, photographic, paintball

7) Informasi ramuan (E. number)
 - kod nombor bahan tambah (aditif)
 - INS( internatinal number system) oleh panel Codex Alimentarius (kod makanan)

E 100-E199: color
E 200-E299:preservatives
E300-E399:oksidan, fostat, antioksida, peangawal acid
E400-E499: pemekat, pelembap, penstabil, emulsifier
E500-E599: garam, regulator acid, agen penghalang kerak
E600-E699: penambah perisa
E900-E999: pemanis, bahan-bahan lain?
E1000-E1999: bahan kimia tambahan

8) kulit babi
 -ada 3 (titk/lubang, lokasi menyerong, berulang-ulang tidak seragam, tak tersusun, tembus belakang, slanting)

9) bulu babi
 -keras, hujung bercabang, bercabang tiga
 -analisis: 1) bakar: mcm bau rambut terbakar
               2) 5% NaOH, if larut, menunjukkan ada ciri haiwan
               3) scanning electron microscope, if tembus, ada ciri haiwan
               4) rentas lapisan kulit-microscope



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