Tuesday, 13 December 2011

integrate 2 'hati'

Assalamualaikum to all readers! Thanks for visiting my blog. Now, I want to share a few buzzing things with all of us. Pray for my friends and my success always!

Here are the first premise:
1)      All human are naturally tend to love good things and hate bad things, and the devil is truly you foe.(a’duww mubin)

In surah yassin for the latter right? The first story as below.
“ Den caliak dari tadi
Ang duduak jo anak den
Kini hari lah laruik pulo
pajako yo anak durako..”

-An unmarried couple is sitting in front of the girl’s father house till night. How ‘astonishing’ is that?
For the things that lead to the rocky path is being assumed as the path of the righteous.
For the supreme law have to be break and being disobeyed by us.
Truly, ‘couple after nikah’ is sweeter than this!
rememeber,al-haya'.. =="  (weh,malulah pulak org nampak aq)

We trust you have the ability to differentiate good and bad as you can read this (^_^)

For all the men that going to every Friday’s prayer..
“ittaqullah (3x) “ for every week.
Definition of taqwa to us: ???

“I love all my friends and let us holding our hands together and go to jannah! “
This should be installed properly in our heart, if unable, please edit your registry editor by typing regedit after ctrl+R,right?
However,it is a long story, to be continue~

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